I am Roy Pardee, Data Wrangler, Analyst and Application Developer from the greater Seattle area. I've been doing various bits of computing in the service of research (mostly Health Services research) since 1997 or so.

In my little professional circle I am probably best known for my work designing and implementing the HCSRN's Virtual Data Warehouse.

This page is intended to be something of a résumé and calling-card for anyone interested in my professional life.

  • Data Science

    I took a coursera course on this that I absolutely loved (though it was way more time commitment than expected) and would love to get more into this sort of work—both the "big data" aspects and the high-level analytics.

  • Sublime Text

    Best. Editor. Evar. One of my proudest accomplishments is the sublime package I put together for SAS programmers.

  • SAS

    Pretty much my bread-and-butter at the moment.

  • Ruby

    Gorgeous, lovely, wonderful programming language.

  • Posh-git

    Which is in fact two things--powershell (which, once I got past my resentment of microsoft at making me learn another language is actually quite cool) and git.

  • I'm an animal lover generally, but I'm very much a dog person, and have especial love for the Newfoundland breed.
  • Internet culture (by which I mostly mean reddit).
  • Photography (though I am terrible at it).
  • Technology in all its forms (favorite websites: The Verge; Ars Technica).
  • Science-fiction & Fantasy books and movies (Favorites: Dune; Song of Ice & Fire (aka "Game of Thrones") Twelve Monkeys.)
  • Video Games (though I very seldom actually play them) (Favorites: Ico; Katamari Damacy; Portal).
  • Music (Favorite bands: R.E.M.; Built To Spill; Neko Case)

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